Scales Corporation Limited Dividends

Scales’ dividend policy is to target a dividend payment ratio in respect of each financial year of between 65% and 75% of underlying Net Profit subject to consideration of trading conditions and other factors.

It is the Directors’ intention to declare interim and final dividends split approximately evenly and pay these in January (interim) and July (final). A dividend advice notice will be posted to shareholders or an email sent with a link to the notice at the time the dividend is paid. We expect dividends to be fully imputed.

Dividends paid

Dividend Ex Date Amount Imputation Payment Date
(cents per share)
2017 Interim 09-Jan-2018 9.0 100% 19-Jan-2018
2016 Final 27-Jun-2017 10.0 100% 07-Jul-2017
2016 Interim 05-Jan-2017 8.0 100% 18-Jan-2017
2015 Final 28-Jun-2016 6.5 100% 08-Jul 2016
2015 Special 07-Jan-2016 4.0 100% 20-Jan-1016
2015 Interim 07-Jan-2016 6.5 100% 20-Jan-2016
2014 Final 29-Jun-2015 7.0 100% 10-Jul-2015
2014 Interim 05-Dec-2014 3.0 100% 19-Dec-2014


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