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2019 Annual Meeting Results

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Market Update

2019 Annual Meeting Notice

OIO consents to Polarcold purchase

Transition to revised NZX Listing rules

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Petfood Joint Venture settles

2018 Annual Report

Scales announces petfood JV with Alliance Group

2018 Annual Results Announcement

Appointment of Nadine Tunley

2018 Annual Results Announcement Date

Appointment of Tomakin Lai

Resignation of Weiyong Wang


Scales acquires Shelby

Market Update – December 2018
2018 Interim Report
2018 Interim Results Announcement
Sale of Liqueo
Appointment of Teresa Steele-Rika
Appointment of Nelson Liu
2018 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Results
2018 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Presentation
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Sale of Polarcold
Final Dividend – 2017 Financial Year
2017 Annual Report
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Market Update – December 2017
Appointment of Carol Chen
2017 Interim Results Announcement
Scales Corporation Completes Acquisition of OceanAir
2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting Results
2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting Addresses
2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting Presentation
2017 Annual Meeting Notice
Final Dividend 2016 Financial Year
2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Results Announcement


Mr Apple partners in new apple variety launch
Scales Upgrades 2016 Earning Guidance
Scales acquires Longview New Zealand
2016 Interim Results Announcement
2016 Interim Results Announcement Date
2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting Results
2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting Addresses
2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting Presentation
2016 Annual Meeting Notice
Final Dividend 2015 Financial Year
2015 Annual Report


Impact of ex-Cyclone Cook
2017 Interim Report
Sale of shares to China Resources
Annual Shareholders Meeting and Director Nominations
2015 Annual Results Announcement
2015 Interim Result Announcement
2015 Profit Upgrade
2015 Interim Results Announcement Date
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